Friday, February 25, 2011

Udo's Organic Oil

I started my first intake of Udo's Organic Oil on 24th Feb 2011.

I got to know about this oil from a pharmacist friend during one of our gatherings of old schoolmates. She mentioned about this oil which helped in producing COLLAGEN..that magic word interest me and the rest was history. I ordered 2 bottles from her to "try" and here I am putting this down on record of my personal development.

With my current weight, I was advised to take 2 tbsp of the oil. What is this Udo's Oil all about? I learnt that it contains blended mix of the finest Omega 3,6,9 varieties of Essential Fatty Acid sources. It contains oils from organic flax, sesame, sunflower, evening primrose seeds, rice, oat germs and coconut oil.

Why are Essential Fats good for the human body?
Amongst others it claimed that it
  • increases stamina, energy, performance
  • enhances the immune system
  • improves brain function
  • regulate organs and glands
  • improved joint function
  • improved quality of sleep

The taste of the oil is a little nutty..not the best taste of oil you can find but with all the claimed benefits..who cares..I will gulp down the whole bottle if I must..but with the cost..I think I better go slow.

Check out this pdf report on the oil if you wish to know more:

Please note that I am just a user and not a salesperson of the product.

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I want good skin said...

Aunty 3 things for you:

- Sleep is the most important as there are a couple of healing chemicals that are produced when we are in a state of rest.

- Water as per usual. About 2 litres.

- 10-15 mins sun exposure on the whole skin as it produces vit D3 and this is better than the suppliments (anyway I think so in comparison to the amount of sun I receive in the UK and in Spore)