Friday, February 25, 2011

Udo's Organic Oil

I started my first intake of Udo's Organic Oil on 24th Feb 2011.

I got to know about this oil from a pharmacist friend during one of our gatherings of old schoolmates. She mentioned about this oil which helped in producing COLLAGEN..that magic word interest me and the rest was history. I ordered 2 bottles from her to "try" and here I am putting this down on record of my personal development.

With my current weight, I was advised to take 2 tbsp of the oil. What is this Udo's Oil all about? I learnt that it contains blended mix of the finest Omega 3,6,9 varieties of Essential Fatty Acid sources. It contains oils from organic flax, sesame, sunflower, evening primrose seeds, rice, oat germs and coconut oil.

Why are Essential Fats good for the human body?
Amongst others it claimed that it
  • increases stamina, energy, performance
  • enhances the immune system
  • improves brain function
  • regulate organs and glands
  • improved joint function
  • improved quality of sleep

The taste of the oil is a little nutty..not the best taste of oil you can find but with all the claimed benefits..who cares..I will gulp down the whole bottle if I must..but with the cost..I think I better go slow.

Check out this pdf report on the oil if you wish to know more:

Please note that I am just a user and not a salesperson of the product.

Monday, February 21, 2011

God is kind to me

My eyes caught this man carrying a tray of food at the food court and suddenly our eyes met..I immediately gazed elsewhere just in case he felt that I was staring at him, paying attention to his lost of one arm.

I was NOT staring at him due to shock or detest but more of admiration. I admired his courage to be out in the public even when he was not whole..he had only one arm. My mind was then second guessing how he lost his arm..was it in an accident or was it due to illness or was he born without one? I admire his determination to help himself to carry his food on the tray without any help. He was oblivious to his surrounding and was focussing on the food so that they will not topple. It was when he sat down and looked around that he saw me looking at him.

I could have smiled at him or given him a nod..but the mind was not working that fast when all these happened. To avoid the awkwardness, I gazed elsewhere.

Then it left me with this thought about those who stared at me or my eczema when I was in the public eyes...was it just ME being too conscious or was it the people who were too curious? Were the stares out of sympathy, curiousity or just mere "what has she"?

Why mom would say..who sis would reply..what about my feelings? How do I feel when others stare at me or at my skin? I felt uneasy. The next thing I wanted to do was to sneak into a hole or a dark corner so that no one else could stare further. I wished that I could have a magic cloak like Harry Potter's that made me invisible. These were stuff that I would do previously but now, I would look back at the person and smile because I feel so blessed for the person who has better skin than me. And I pray that the person knows that too.

Life is not all about external appearances...I learnt about this after walking the earth for four decades..experiences and exposures helped in a lot of ways we look at life and I am glad I was given the opportunity to learn from many aspects and I Thank God for that. Alleluia.

As for that man, I pray that he will continue to stay strong, positive and determined like how I saw him the other day.

Friday, February 18, 2011

My Son My Inspiration

My older son has always been a pessimist. I always blamed it on the "prednisolone" course that I was on when I was around 28 years old when I accidentally got pregnant with him. It was a sad ordeal as my doctor suggested that I abort the foetus given the reason I was on strong dosage of steroid and it could affect the foetus in some ways or other.

I sought 2nd medical opinion and with the encouragement from my late mom-in-law, my hubby and I decided to carry on with the pregnancy.

Today, as I look at my son..I can only smile and say he has grown - really tall ..standing at 1.75m at age 14 despite being born premature. He has a hard childhood..even he can hardly find a true friend that speaks his lingo or share his interests. He prefers to be alone and always strife to do his best in everything he endeavours to do. He loves running..yes running..long long distances..he can run alone from Bt Batok Ave 6 all the way to Dover Road and back..then to Chinese Garden at Lakeside and back..and he enjoys it.

He is hardworking and I praise and thank God for that. But he lacks the social skills that most of us possess..and take for granted. His EQ is probably not high and therefore needs a lot of encouragement from us to push him to do some stuff that he is not comfortable with. Alot of coaxing and reasoning has to be presented to him so that he feels that it is alright to take the first step..the First Step means a lot to opens doors and helps him get over the obstacles he faces. He has to learn skills that some of us are born with. He has to learn how to read people's facial expressions and what these mean..and lots more.

I see the process of him learning new things and trying very hard to practice them despite his negativeness and reluctance in accepting the facts. In his studies, he struggled. With the time table he laid out and diligently adhered to, he managed to achieve his goals. We are proud of him.

Starting this year, he has been complaining to us that he cannot cope with his school work and had doubts that it was the right subjects combination that he had chosen. As parents, we could only encourage him and also gave him options to rechoose his subjects combi if he wished. However, after protracted discussions, he was determined to go ahead with it and told us that he will try to figure out a solution. Of late, I have been seeing him wake up early. I am impressed because there was no alarm clock that he relied on and yet he could wake up before me (usually I wake up the earliest as I need to prepare breakfast for all).

He will then spend half an hour on his studies before breakfast and after that to catch the bus to school. Never had he once asked me to send him to school or even pick him from school..only on ocassions when he was feeling ill. I am again full of admiration of his determination and drive.

He is an inspiration to me because whenever I feel that I simply cannot do something, my mind tells me that IF My Son CAN do it, then why Can't I???

Son, give your BEST, NOTHING is impossible!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Down with FLU

The thing I dread when I fall sick. As a parent, when you are down, physically or mentally, you are still liable for the welfare of your children AND spouse. You know what I mean - especially to those without domestic help or anyone that you can rely on.

So, with nose leaking like a running tap and sneezing every now and then..feeling a little flushed..unsure if running a temperature, I am still off to pick my kid from school, go get lunch & dinner for the children and their errands to prepare for breakfast tomorrow..see the list goes on..can't seem to find the full stops.

No joke really..the responsibilities of parents are LimitLESS. We MUST treasure our parents whilst they are around..they do sacrifice alot for us..sometimes we just don't get what they are up to but trust me, whatever they do they do it for our own good...just that we do it differently but with the same PURPOSE.

When the body system is down, I can sense my skin mechanism is going downhill too. Itchiness aournd the eyes area, face, neck and areas behind the knees started to surface.

I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and hated the person that looked back at me. The reflection showed someone with swollen and wrinkled eyes..must be all the scratching and rubbing I had done to them in the night. Rashes formed around the chin and mouth areas, again due to abrasive rubbing from the rough skin on the back of my hands. I tried not to fall into deep sleep knowing that I would scratch myself mad but the body was just too tired.

I must get over this FLU stuff so that my skin can start to recover again to the next best stage although it is not to the perfect condition that I desire most. I am contented as long as the skin doesn't itch.

Having said that, it is only when the itch seeped in that I realised I have been enjoying VERY MUCH lesser itch after the use of the SPA combined with the intake of MENOPACE. Believe it or not, I am already on MENOPACE for 7 months now and the results are fantastic. My excessive perspiration has gone, sleepless nites are history and I have not complained of night sweats for some months now.

I am thankful and hope the positive effects continue to show. The SPA has also helped in removal of the toxins from the skin and everytime I spa I see dead skin floating on the water surface. With the flu, I am now adding Eucalyptus essential oil to the water which helps in relieving the flu symptoms.

In order to assist in working my immune system against the nasty FLU bugs, I am also taking Vitamin C. I should be going to bed now to get enough rest. Cheers and hope tomorrow will be a better day for all :)
GOD bless!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chinese New Year - a time to indulge for most

But REFRAIN for included.

yes...I have been looong lost in my own material world, dusting, cooking, nagging, chasing after the kids to complete their tasks be it homework or home chores..NEVER ending..that's life.

My family and I had a wonderful CNY break in Malaysia. Great dinners, companions, catching ups with relatives, siblings and friends, not forgetting the table tennis competitions amongst the adults and children..phew..lotsa events.

Food were fact so much so that there were leftovers enough to feed a wasteful right. My mom will keep the leftovers for breakfast and lunch and I can see most of us trying to avoid dinner at home the next day :)

My bro also engaged the service of the lion dance troupe to my parents' home. It was a memorable experience as the 2 lions actually came into the house and rubbed themselves against us..what a friendly bunch. The kids also enjoyed themselves checking out who or what were in the lion costumes.

Back to food again...I realized too much of the baked cookies are not too good fo my skin. I had a few outbreaks after that plus the lack of sleep. The skin felt dry with intake of love letters, pineapple tarts, BBQ buns - all the way from Seremban..enough to make a glutton of me and gave me dry dry skin again. So,who is to blame? ME ME ME..if I do not stick to the regime of REFRAINING from these stuff that gives me the 'heat' then who else should take the rap? The body could actually feel the heat rising from the internal.

I am now back home nursing my breakouts, with itch on the face and neck. The spa is great though, it helps heal the tormented skin pretty fast. I need to put on moisturizer yes my
physiogel again to the rescue and it does soothe the dry patchy skin. Sigh..(of relief)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Carbonated drinks make my skin itch

I have been a good girl for the past months..trying so hard to avoid carbonated drinks. BUT a family gathering or eating out sessions will destroy that determination of mine..sigh.

Seeing others order Coke, 100Plus and the likes, I will steal a sip or two from my kids' to quench my thirst for these sweet drinks. The more you drink, the more you yearn for it..sounds familiar?

Well, for that moment of enjoyment, I would suffer the itch hours later. A sane and strong mind will say no to these but I am just Human...

H2O is still the best of all drinks, eventhough it tastes really uninteresting most times. Water nourishes and hydrates the skin and helps in washing out the toxin in the body..and this I must always remember :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Olive Oil as face moisturiser

I sometimes switch between Physiogel cream for the face and DHC nano platinum cream. When I sense the eczema coming, I will use Physiogel cream and when I feel that my skin is better I will switch to DHC Nano Platinum.

DHC is a Japanese brand, now available throughout Watsons. I also started testing on another DHC product - pure olive oil base for about 3 months already and the result is great.

After spa, I will pat dry my face and pat some olive oil on the damp skin. I use this as a base followed by Physiogel cream or DHC Nano Platinum cream. It keeps my face moisturised the whole day without having to reapply any moisturiser at all. I also realised that it has lessen the visibility of wrinkles around my mouth area.

One will notice that I do not usually smile widely when I take pics. This is because the lines around my mouth are so visible that they made me look older. I hope with continuous repair of the skin that I am able to smile widely from the bottom of my heart in the future :)